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Despite the cost of waterproofing, which for many commercial buildings and strata complexes can exceed $250,000.00, waterproofing system maintenance is a common oversight of many asset owners.

Waterproofing manufacturers and material suppliers encourage the regular inspection of waterproofing installations in order to mitigate defects and maintain warranties. The regularity of these inspections should occur every six months and not exceed five years between inspections.

However, it is all too common that other building elements such as lifts, HVAC, fire safety and landscaping have regular inspections but waterproofing is left until issues arise. The cost of regular inspections and maintaining waterproofing systems would likely see savings over the replacement of the whole system.

Waterproofing Integrity support a number of commercial and multi-residential assets with regular inspections to avoid large repair costs. These inspections can be visual only but are best conducted with electronic leak detection to identify breaches.

Call us on 1300 025 944 or email to discuss the benefits of waterproofing maintenance inspections and how we can assist you.

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