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About Waterproofing Integrity

Waterproofing Integrity was established in 2019 in Sydney, New South Wales out of a need for greater quality control and compliance in the installation of waterproofing applications. Since then, Waterproofing Integrity has grown to provide compliance consultation and onsite testing services, such as electronic leak detection and membrane thickness testing, on new construction projects and in existing building assets.

We work with builders, waterproofing contractors, material suppliers and manufacturers and other industry professionals to mitigate breaches and insufficient application that can lead to costly building defects.

Director - David Previte

Waterproofing Integrity's founder and Director David Previte has spent his whole career in waterproofing and has  contributed to the waterproofing industry through involvement on Committees with the view to improving the outcomes of waterproofing applications. Prior to establishing Waterproofing Integrity, David has spent many years working with waterproofing contractors in Sydney and Brisbane to deliver key projects in multi-residential, commercial and government infrastructure projects with a multitude of different waterproofing products. David currently sits on the Committee to review Australian Standards and contributes to the NSW Branch of the Australian Institute of Waterproofing.

David's credentials allow him to speak with direct reference on how guidelines should be interpreted, how products perform and the correct installation of waterproofing membrane.

David is qualified with a Bachelor of Construction Management, a Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing and  Basement Waterproofing qualifications from the United Kingdom.

Design Team

The Waterproofing Integrity Design Team deliver consultation to achieve waterproofing compliance in new construction and remedial projects through a range of workshops, mark ups, reviews and supporting documentation for effective outcomes.

Our Design Team have qualifications in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Management and Design.

Waterproofing Integrity Technicians

Waterproofing Integrity's team of technicians conduct onsite testing services for new construction projects, remedial works, maintenance inspections and diagnostic investigations on a daily basis. Our team has over 50 years of experience in commercial waterproofing and apply this knowledge and expertise to ensure compliance and identify incorrect waterproofing membrane installations that may cause further issues or defects.

All of our technicians are trained in the use of the equipment they carry to conduct quantitative and diagnostic inspections in order to report back on findings accurately and effectively.


Waterproofing Integrity are proud members of industry associations, Australian Institute of Waterproofing, the peak body for waterproofing in Australia and the Master Builders Association (NSW).

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