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Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) is a type of continuity testing, comparable to a flood test in performance. ELD creates an electric circuit through a non-conductive membrane to find coating film discontinuities that are not readily visible.  

Waterproofing Integrity utilise a number of types of electronic leak detection with a view to being fit for purpose and benefits that each offers.

Holiday Testing is most commonly used on Waterproofing Integrity projects as an efficient testing on exposed membrane. It is a dry test which can be utilised for speed or inability to flood an area.

Waterproofing Integrity otherwise possess other electronic leak detection methodologies which are achieved with a low voltage DC current through wet applications. Vector Mapping, sponge and other methods are able to detect breaches in waterproofing membrane applications. Vector mapping can also be used over tiles on balconies, podiums or rooftops.

For a further discussion on the differences in electronic leak detection or to have Waterproofing Integrity on your project, please call us on 1300 025 944 or email

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