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Wet Electronic Leak Detection or 'vector mapping' is a method of electronic leak detection applied to identify breaches in waterproofing membrane in new construction and existing structures.


Vector mapping is a low voltage method that requires water to be applied in order to complete an electrical circuit as water passes through the breach. This is contrary to holiday testing, our other most commonly used approach to Electronic Leak Detection (ELD), which is a dry, high voltage test.


This method can be applied in new construction but will require water being applied and then potentially dewatered depending on the area.


In existing buildings, this method can be used on exposed waterproofing membranes such as roofs and can also be used over tiles on balconies, podiums or rooftops. As such, in some diagnostic applications in existing commercial buildings and strata complexes, this method is the more appropriate approach.

If your project has a specified wet testing approach or would benefit in diagnostic inspections call us on 1300 025 944 or email to discuss and how we can assist you.

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