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Achieving compliance is being considered by many as more critical than achieving performance. Although a bathroom, balcony or roof area doesn't leak now or sheds water effectively, a non-compliant installation can have claims for compensation.

Waterproofing Integrity conduct compliance inspections during and nearing completion of new construction projects to advise of compliance with the National Construction Code, Australian Standards AS3740 and AS4654.2 and material supplier's installation specifications. These inspections reference the relevant standard to ensure detailing, terminations and material selection are correct for the application.

Waterproofing Integrity have conducted such inspections for internal wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries, balconies, planter boxes, rooftops and podiums. Australia does not currently have a relevant Standard for basement waterproofing.

Call us on 1300 025 944 or email to discuss the benefits of waterproofing maintenance inspections and how we can assist you.

This inspection is a statement of compliance. Should your project require consultation around achieving compliance in design in order to be compliant with the deemed to satisfy requirements or find a performance solution, please contact us for compliance consultation

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