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  • David Previte

Under vs. Over Screed Waterproofing: Considerations and Solutions 2023

This presentation recording is your essential guide to under and over screed waterproofing in Australia for 2023. Prepared by the Australian Institute of Waterproofing and delivered by David Previte.

The following items are covered in the presentation:

IMPORTANT NOTE: due to time limitation I have not covered the compliance pathways for a waterproofing system that is applied both under and over the screed bed. As it is not specifically covered in AS3740:2021 and the issues that may arise, the dual system may require validation as a Performance Solution. We start with an overview of Australian regulations, ensuring you understand the legal framework and compliance requirements for your waterproofing projects. Next, we delve into the heart of waterproofing methods, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of both under and over screed options. Our detailed analysis offers insights into material selection, application techniques, and how to navigate the pros and cons of each method within the context of Australian standards. Concluding with a forward-looking perspective, we explore the innovative approach of integrating both under and over screed waterproofing. This dual system presents a comprehensive solution but comes with its own set of challenges. We cover these pitfalls thoroughly, equipping you with the knowledge to implement effective waterproofing strategies that are both resilient and compliant. Whether you're a seasoned builder, an architect, or a homeowner planning a project, this video provides invaluable insights into making informed decisions on waterproofing in Australia. Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments below. #AustralianWaterproofing, #ScreedWaterproofing2023, #UnderOverScreed, #ConstructionRegulationsAU, #WaterproofingSolutions, #AustralianStandards, #StandardsAustralia #HomeImprovementAU, #ProfessionalBuildersAU, #ConstructionTips2023, #AustralianDIYProjects

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