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Water Ripple
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We have prevented

 waterproofing defects and counting.....


70% of buildings built since 2000 leak.  This is the consequence of current construction waterproofing practices possessing ineffective quality control measures.  Water leaks and resultant damage accounts for 80% of all building defects costs.  How can you be sure that this issue will not impact you?

With offices in Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane and with regular work in Melbourne, Wollongong and Canberra, we are happy to assist you in your project. Please call 1300 025 944 or email with project details.

Have you heard stories of water damage impacting people's homes and workplaces?

Have you had water ingress at your property?

Or are you looking to avoid this happening at your property or development?

Waterproofing Integrity are an award-nominated specialist consultancy for Design and Testing Services of waterproofing systems to ensure effective design and correct installation in new construction and existing buildings.


Our services cover:

 - Design and Material Consultation

 - Compliance Inspections

 - Onsite Testing and Investigations

Waterproofing Integrity aims to elevate waterproofing industry performance by providing effective consultation and an innovative quality control service by conducting non-destructive testing on waterproofing applications and providing consultation on compliance with Australian Standards and the National Construction Code.

Our design team of architects, engineers and other design professionals are available to assist in ensuring that waterproofing compliance is achieved prior to works commencing on site. We have worked with a wide range of builders, architects and developers to ensure appropriate design considerations have been made for internal wet areas, external balconies, rooftops and podiums and basement structures.

Our onsite team of technicians are highly trained in the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to provide quantitative reports on any waterproofing system, ensuring compliance with industry standards. We can assist with dry film thickness testing, electronic leak detection and general compliance inspections.


With a strong background in waterproofing contracting and diagnostics, we have witnessed the consequences that defective waterproofing inflicts on building occupants and those liable for the rectification. Waterproofing Integrity has identified and prevented over 3,000 waterproofing defects. We aspire to elevate the way our construction industry handles waterproofing risk through widespread adoption of greater attention to detail in design and superior quality control methods.

Our Services

Waterproofing Integrity assists Builders, Developers, Architects, Project Managers, Material Suppliers, Waterproofing Contractors, Facility/Building Managers and Asset Owners

The three main ways we do this is in:

WI Design Consultation

Design, then build. Close to a third of waterproofing defects can be attributed to omissions or inadequate design considerations.

Our independent reviews look at practical outcomes to avoid designs that are difficult to construct, mitigate risk and apply best practice.

Contact us for a design review of your project. Please include general arrangement plans.

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Most waterproofing defects however come during construction and the incorrect or insufficient application of the waterproofing membrane.

Waterproofing Integrity offer inspections of new construction works, including refurbishments, to ensure that the waterproofing membrane installation follows the National Construction Code and Material Guidance Documents.

Contact us for an inspection of your project. Please include address, materials and plans if available

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Unfortunately leaks are the indication that waterproofing has failed. 

Waterproofing Integrity assist on commercial, strata and residential properties experiencing water ingress through a range of investigations to determine the likely cause of issues and provide guidance on how remedial works can be carried out.

Contact us for an investigation of your property and how we can best assist.

Who We Work With

Waterproofing Integrity work with leading Building Contractors, Architects, Developers and Asset Holders. The below are an outline of clients that we have worked with across multiple projects.

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Call Us: 1300 025 944
Contact Us
Sydney (Head Office)

50C, Slough Business Park, 2 Slough Ave,

(facing Silverwater Rd)
Silverwater NSW 2128 Australia

Project Enquiries:

Tel: 1300 025 944


Covering Newcastle, Central Coast, Greater Hunter, Tamworth, Port Macquarie

13/56 Industrial Drive 

Mayfield East NSW 2304

Covering Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay and Greater South-East Queensland

PO Box 12

Cannon Hill QLD 4170 Australia


To apply for a job with Waterproofing Integrity, please send a cover letter with your C.V. to:

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