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Waterproofing Compliance and Testing Services cover:

 - Design Consultation

 - Compliance Inspections

 - Onsite Testing

Waterproofing Integrity aims to elevate waterproofing industry performance by providing effective consultation and an innovative quality control service by conducting non-destructive testing on waterproofing applications and providing consultation on compliance with Australian Standards and the National Construction Code. Our team of technicians are highly trained in the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to provide quantitative reports on any waterproofing system, ensuring compliance with industry standards.


With a strong background in waterproofing contracting and diagnostics, we have witnessed the consequences that defective waterproofing inflicts on building occupants and those liable for the rectification.  Waterproofing Integrity has identified and prevented over 3,000 waterproofing defects.  We aspire to elevate the way our construction industry handles waterproofing risk through widespread adoption of superior quality control methods.

70% of buildings built since 2000 leak.  This is the consequence of current construction waterproofing practices possessing ineffective quality control measures.  Water leaks and resultant damage accounts for 80% of all building defects costs.  How can you be sure that this issue will not impact you?


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Ultrasonic thickness testing is a non-destructive test method conducted using an ultrasonic thickness gauge to discern the total thickness of an installed membrane or protective coating.  Coating applied under thickness will often fail to achieve performance expectations.


Electronic leak detection, based on holiday testing testing technology, is a non-destructive test method of detecting discontinuities such as pinholes and voids that are not readily visible. The test involves checking an electric circuit to see if current flows to complete the circuit.

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Used to determine the bond strength that an applied membrane has to the substrate to which it is has been applied.  Tensile Dollies are glued to the coating and the force required to pull the coating off the surface is measured.

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Moisture Testing

We use a range of destructive and non-destructive moisture probes to determine the moisture content and relative humidity of a range of substrate and structures.  The presence of moisture can contribute to structural and occupant health issues. 

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Thermal Photography 

Thermal photography is a non-destructive method for identifying  the presence of moisture contained within exposed surfaces.  Thermal images shows the difference in temperature as a surface heats or cools that indicates the presence of moisture


Drones provide an efficient means for visual inspection of building facades, rooftops and external plant.  This new method eliminates the need for work platforms, scaffolding or rope access, subsequently improving the safety and cost effectiveness of these inspections.



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