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Waterproofing Integrity have been involved with a number of retirement living and aged care projects on projects for some of the largest care providers in NSW and Australia. Despite scrutiny on the multi-residential sector, the aged care sector is expected to have similar requirements in years to come and building practitioners are engaging quality control and testing as a part of best practice. 


If you have an aged care project that requires Waterproofing Integrity's services in onsite testing inspections or compliance consultation, give us a call on 1300 025 944 or email on

The following are examples of recent aged care sector projects:

Minto Gardens

Waterproofing Integrity were engaged to provide quality control on waterproofing applications throughout this project across nine buildings for this retirement living and higher care facility in Sydney's south-west. 

Principal Contractor: Hansen Yuncken

Village Owner: Anglicare

Project Involvement: Current (2020-2021)

Uniting Edinglassie, Emu Plains

Waterproofing Integrity was engaged to provide quality control testing and inspections throughout this project for Uniting at the request of the Clerk of Works. From the testing of back of house areas such as kitchens, to resident amenities and up to the rooftop, Waterproofing Integrity provided testing inspections.

Principal Contractor: Next Construction

Village Owner: Uniting

Project Involvement: October 2020 - April 2021

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