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Waterproofing Integrity have provided consultation and onsite testing and inspection services for waterproofing applications in the arts, exhibition and event spaces.


If you have a commercial project that requires Waterproofing Integrity's services in onsite testing inspection or compliance consultation, give us a call on 1300 025 944 or email on

Our services have been applied to both the construction of cultural buildings and installation of temporary activations with the below an example of each:

Sydney Modern - Art Gallery of NSW Redevelopment

The Art Gallery of NSW redevelopment, known as 'Sydney Modern' sits in The Domain in Sydney, adjacent to the naval base Garden Island. Waterproofing Integrity has been involved in consultation around the design and application in addition to onsite testing, which included inspecting a waterproofing membrane that had been buried since the 1930s. 

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) was used on the membrane once exposed, which sat above fuel tanks used by the Navy which will become gallery spaces upon the projects completion. Waterproofing Integrity determined that although the membrane being in a good condition given its age, it would still need to be replaced given the damage during excavation. Waterproofing Integrity would return to ensure the new layers of torch-on membrane were continuous prior to concrete pours.

Location: Art Gallery Rd, Sydney (The Domain)

Principal Contractor: Richard Crookes Constructions for NSW Government

Waterproofing Contractor: Superseal Protective Coatings

Waterproofing Products: Sika

Project Involvement: Current (2020-2021)

Brisbane GOMA - Water Exhibit

The Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art summer exhibition 2020, Water, featured a range of indoor water themed exhibits.  The artist Olafur Eliasson used 100 tonnes of materials to create the vast indoor landscape of rocks and streaming water named Riverbed, for the first time in the southern hemisphere. 

Waterproofing Integrity was contracted to perform Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) and Seam Probe Testing on the Ardex TPO sheet waterproofing.  With the substructure design detailing this waterproofing system as the only line of defence against water escaping into other areas of the gallery, it was critical that a high degree of quality control was implemented.

Even the best materials and installation methods can fall victim to damage from a stray screw or dropped tools.  ELD is able to identify micro penetrations through a membrane of coating that may not be easily identified by traditional visual inspections.

Location / Asset Owner: Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane

Waterproofing Contractor: Construct Waterproofing

Project Completion: December 2019

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