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Waterproofing Integrity have been involved with a number of healthcare projects across both the public and private sectors. With the growing population in many areas and the expansion of care facilities to meet demand, Waterproofing Integrity has been engaged for consultation and onsite testing inspections for a variety of health projects.


If you have a health project that requires Waterproofing Integrity's services in onsite testing inspections or compliance consultation, give us a call on 1300 025 944 or email on

The following are examples of recent health sector projects:

North Shore Health Hub

As a requirement of the project, Waterproofing Integrity were engaged to provide EFVM, a form of electronic leak detection, on exposed areas to identify potential breaches in the waterproofing membrane above care areas. 

Principal Contractor: Roberts Co

Project Involvement: February 2021

Wyong Hospital

Waterproofing Integrity was engaged as a Waterproofing Consultant by the Principal Contractor for clarification on compliance with waterproofing systems.

Principal Contractor: Richard Crookes Constructions

Bowral Hospital

Waterproofing Integrity was engaged to inspect high risk areas such as plant rooms and planter boxes on the development of the Bowral District Hospital.

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